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Pak Soki

The Art

Bali Art
Balinese artist Ketut Soki working on the 1st step a pencil sketch

These thumbnail images will give you an excellent idea of how the piece will look from a distance.  Some are close-ups of the Balinese art, so you can see even more of the exquisite details in each piece.  Note the general, overall color design.  The general shapes and the flow of the colors.  Next note the title of the piece, click on one to see all the incredible details.  Note the overall theme and how the piece contains many stories related to daily Balinese life.  Each of these paintings are done in full non-fading and color fast oils.  Each takes over 150 man-hours to complete and sometimes up to a month.  These are works of love and dedication done by a man who IS his work.

You can even choose what themes to include.  Choose from:

  • Wedding Ceremonies

  • Tooth Filings (coming of age)

  • Kris Dances (Magical)

  • Rice Field Views

  • Rice Harvesting

  • Bathing Ceremonies

  • Daily Balinese Life


Many people choose several themes; colors; the size and then the frame and let Pak Soki produce something unique for them!  You can do the same!  Create your own painting!

 Bali painter
Certificate of Authenticity included with each piece
 Bali Dancers
Close-up of Dancers
Rice Harvest 
Close-up of rice harvest
Close-up of offerings
 Balinese Cremation
Close-up of Cremation Ceremony
Bali Cremation 
Close-up of Cremation Ceremony
Bali Bathers 
Close-up of bathing ritual
Bali Kris Dance 
Close-up of Kris Dance
Bali Bathers
Close-up of bathers
Bali Rice Fields
Close-up of Rice Fields
The following are the full size paintings (click to see a larger image of each): Daily balinese Life
Daily Balinese Life
Bali Cremation Ceremony
Cremation Ceremony at Besaki (Mother Temple in Bali)
Bali Barong Dance
Barong Dance
Bali Marriage Preparation
Marriage Preparations Ceremony
Bali Tooth Filing
Tooth Filing Ceremony
Bali Art - Temple Ceremony
Temple Ceremony Close-up
Balinese Daily Life
Balinese Daily Life
Balinese Daily Life
Balinese Daily Life Close-up
Bali Hindu Art 'Heaven and Hell'
Bali Hindu 'Heaven and Hell'
Bali Hindu Art  'Heaven and Hell'
Bali Hindu 'Heaven and Hell' - Close-up
   Ubud Art
Work in Progress Detail
Balinese artist
Work In Progress


These beautiful frames are all carved by hand by Balinese craftsmen.  The basic style is:

  • Plain wood

  • Carved solid wood

  • Carved wood with openings

The color choices are:

  • Dark Mahogany

  • Light Mahogany

  • Gold highlights

  • Gold and Red

Bali Art
Gold Trimmed Frame
750,000 IDR
Bali artist
Open carved wood
500,000 IDR
Balinese Art
Solid carved wood
500,000 IDR


The price is determined solely by the size of the work and the frame (or no frame).  These are the prices (excluding shipping) are in Indonesia Rupiah:

  • 6 feet x 4 feet (1.8m x 1.2m)(the largest) - can take up to one and a half months to complete - 30,000,000 rupiah

  • 4 feet x 2 feet (1.2m x .6m) - 16,000,000 rupiah

  • 2 feet x 1 foot (.6m x .3m) (the smallest) - 6,000,000 rupiah

  • Frames are 500,000 - 750,000rupiah - any size

All prices include local taxes, shipping preparation, etc.  Shipping is extra. 

Use this to convert Rupiah to your currency:

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How to Order

Click HERE to go to our email page and tell us what you want and we will send you a quote so you can quickly be enjoying your Bali Art!.


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